Clog-Proof 4" Dust Collection Blast Gates (3x)

Adam Tuttle
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These blast gates were designed specifically to fit 4-inch flex hose and 4-inch "sewer pipe" —the cheaper alternative to PVC available at most Lowes/Home Depot stores— a common choice for home workshop dust collection systems.

I tried and hated every cheap blast gate option from the online store that rhymes with slamathon. They sell two varieties: (1) too expensive, and (2) cheap but clogs up with dust which blocks you from closing it thus ruining your suction!

The included flanges fit juuust right inside a 4" pipe AND a 4" flex hose, so you can hook these up any way that works for your shop.

Sold in batches of three

This purchase is for 3 blast gates because they fit well into a USPS flat-rate shipping box. If you're interested in more or fewer, contact me and I can send you a special link for the number of blast gates you want, and we can save you some money on shipping.

But these are more expensive than the ones on slamathon!

Correct! I can't compete with their scale, especially with the cost of shipping. But I can absolutely assure you that these are clog proof, easy to install, and work fantastically! Plus, if you buy from me, you're supporting small business rather than the worlds richest billionaires. :)

Alternatively, if you have a 3D printer, you can buy my models for super cheap and print your own!

Installation advice

I recommend assembling with 1" long 1/4" bolts and 2 nuts per bolt. (not included)

For connecting flex hose, use a hose-clamp.

When permanently connecting them to hard sewer pipe, I recommend driving 2 small screws (I used 1/2") through both the pipe and the blast gate on approximately opposite sides of the pipe to make the connection strong, and then sealing along the edge with aluminum tape. Depending on the tolerance of your pipe, you may or may not get an air-tight friction fit, so the tape is a good idea.

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Clog-Proof 4" Dust Collection Blast Gates (3x)

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